Today, @sophie_apsara and I caught this fucker taking pictures of us. While we were walking, I noticed something was wrong. I turned around, saw this fucker had his phone angled, obviously snapping pictures of us. He then pretended as though he was on the phone with his friend… Very smart! Still can pretend his friend told him he was in the wrong direction and walked off the opposite side.

I observed him for good 5secs to check if he was really on the phone and ahahahah! Mother fucker’s phone was on home page while he carried on pretending to talk. A Caucasian lady standing by the side then shouted “Yes he is taking pictures of you girls!”. I took 2 steps forward and he started running. I chased him for a good 300m at least down Boat Quay till I finally caught him.

He struggled so hard and even pierced his nails into my skin to break free. Thank god another Caucasian man came forward to help me hold him down. When Sophie phoned the police, this idiot then frantically deleted all the pictures he took of us and what we found next was not only our pictures but also ALOOOOT of other pictures of females, up skirts and shit. Mother fucker, it’s your luck you messed with the wrong people today.

Thank you Mark, Lowell and this Malay couple for helping us, bless you guys for lending out a helping hand. _ you the rest of the idiots who stood by and just watched or even turning away like you didn’t see shit.

What a day, it was supposed to be my rest day but I ended up sweating buckets.

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