A reader has shared with us a posting by Singaporeans Always First, which revealed the shocking truth behind Jeremy Bala, the manager of Ultra Music Festival, and the behind-the-scenes workings of the local music and entertainment scene.

According to Singaporeans Always First, Jeremy Bala, who has been in a stable 3 year relationship with a popular FHM model and former Miss Universe Singapore runner up, has been “sexting female djs” behind his girlfriend’s back.

The anonymous contributor to Singaporeans Always First wrote: “…he is asking his female djs if he can poke them, asking them to call her friends over to have a threesome with him, even going as far as to blame his GF for his cheating? How many were fooled under his crafty stories and sly portrayal of how things work under his belt? (Pun fully intended.)”

At one point, Bala had even hinted that he could give some benefits to a young female DJ, who is also attached, if she went along with him.

Explaining the decision to expose Jeremy Bala, the contributor wrote:

“As a small fry who constantly gets overlooked in the scene, the nightlife is a place where I met most of my friends and when I heard about how this goes around hunting for cats, I really cannot bear with this kind of nonsense.

Really, how do people like that manage to climb to a level where they are given the power to make decisions?

I listen to music from djs with my ears but this abomination judge talent with his boner-o-meter scale. The exploitation of female talents in the industry is of epic proportions and high flyers/ top managements are using it to their advantage.”

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