Psst… I tell you a secret, ok.

Actually, Singaporeans don’t care about solutions one.

During election, they will ask you – what solutions do you have? But you don’t have any, I won’t vote for you.

All these they say ah, fake one.

I wrote about the solutions on my Facebook a few days ago. No one wanted to read.

I wrote about the solutions on my blog today. No one wanted to read.

Inside, I included statistics, references, charts many things lah.

People always ask, but where are your references? You show them, they still don’t care. Don’t want to believe you.

You know why?

People don’t care about solutions lah.

Most Singaporeans’ mind work like this:

Everyday get angry. Everyday unhappy. Complain from day until night.

Curse the government, say the government cannot do a good job.

But don’t dare to say it in the government’s face.

Scared mah.

When election comes, suddenly their minds switch, you know, like the circuit switch?

Suddenly, without PAP, Singapore will die. Without PAP, our homes will be gone.

Before election, the PAP sucks. They do not take care of Singaporeans. Everything so expensive. The PAP don’t care.

During election, only the PAP can save Singapore.

Opposition cannot make it.

This circuit switch very powerful. It’s called PAP’s propaganda. When the election comes, suddenly people don’t own their minds.

Machiam like Walking Dead.

But be honest, can.

When people say they want solutions from the opposition, it’s just an excuse.

Inside their minds, they are scared. Don’t vote PAP, they will come after me. Don’t vote PAP, PAP say I will lose my home, then I must surely lose my home.

Since PAP says so, must be so lor. Doesn’t matter what the statistics say. Doesn’t matter what the facts are. You are wrong. PAP is right.

I must vote PAP! So I have to come out with an excuse, because I have no balls mah.

So question the opposition lor.

Opposition got solutions, or not? Don’t have lah. Have meh? Have I also don’t want to read. Because must be not true. Cannot vote for them.

To be fair, maybe not all candidates are electable.

But WP came out with their manifesto and outlined the solutions. Who bothered to read?

SDP came out with policy papers after policy papers. Who bothered to read?

I wrote about solutions. No one wanted to read. Of course lah, I am nobody, so why read, right? Mad one somemore.

I don’t know what Singaporeans are thinking lah.

When you write about complaints, everyone wants to read one. Then they complain that you complain too much.

When you write about solutions, no one cares. Then they say you have no solutions.

Maybe it’s because they don’t think you can do anything. Then fine, no one can do anything, then we vote for the PAP forever and hope they will do something, maybe a thousands years down the road when Singapore is no more lor.

Or maybe Singaporeans are just scared lah.

Next time, please don’t come and tell me – you only know how to complain and talk bad about our government, you don’t have solutions.

Next time, please don’t tell me that. I write about solutions, you don’t want to read because you don’t care. Because you want to live in fear.

Because you chose it.

I mean, scared say scared mah. Don’t blame others for having no solutions when you are the one who’s scared.

You mean, when the PAP comes out with their so-called “solutions”, you got go read them?

No lor. Most of you will just nod your head – yah PAP came out with “solutions” – and then you complain that they are not doing their job.

Singaporeans very one kind one. Don’t like PAP, will vote for them. Others have solutions, don’t vote for them.

It’s like PAP give you knife, then you take and stab yourself over and over again, and present the knife back to them as your sacrifice.

You die your own business, can.

So next time, please don’t come and tell those of us who write and who fight for change, that we don’t care and that we have no solutions.

It’s when we have the solutions, you don’t care.

Next time, please look in the mirror and ask yourselves why you are so scared.

And why you do not want to be honest with yourself.

It’s too easy to blame everyone else when you don’t want to take the blame.

You are just being a coward.

OK, rant over. Time to go out and smell the roses! Have a good weekend, ok? smile emoticon

What a beautiful day.

Oh by the way, if you are interested to read the solutions I wrote, they are here ok?: http://thehearttruths.com/2016/04/09/solutions-for-singapore-update-16-of-defamation-funds/

Roy Ngerng

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