Some educators from ITE College West have been discriminating students from the start. They have told students explicitly that they should count themselves lucky that they were taken in despite their ‘appearance’. Not only that, they do not care about the welfare of students. Students try to strive and work hard for their exams, and approach their respective teachers for revision papers. To their dismay, they were turned away and were even told that there was no need for that and a pass will just be adequate for them.

Of course, I believe there are good educators who bear good intentions for their students. At the same time, there are more educators that made me lose faith in the education system that is currently implemented in ITE. Some educators have looked down on students by humiliating them in front of the class. Instead of talking to the student in private or even rendering possible help, words such as ‘bloody idiot’ were used on them publicly, stripping the dignity of students. This may even lead to students losing the motivation to do well in school. The educators were supposedly someone whom students can turn to, but now, they turn out to be the ones who bring them down instead. As such, who can these students rely on?

The purpose of this article is to highlight the rising issue of discrimination in our education system and that some educators can reflect and give fair treatment to each and every student. To all the parents out there, do you want your children to be educated by real educators who have students’ best interest at heart or educators who practice discrimination and biasness?

A.S.S. Contributor

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