Dear Editor and all readers,

I have been urgently looking for a job in the hospitality or governmental line for quite some time now after spending a few months looking after my newborn and have been largely unsuccessful for a variety of reasons:

1. The hospitality industry is largely a foreign dominated one from the top management level to the bottom coolie which includes Permanent Residents but not Singaporeans.

2. Despite my background in accounting and finance, I am not able to command a basic salary of $1600 when I begin from scratch because the hotel receptionists are mostly foreigners, especially Malaysians doing the same for lesser.

3. Despite my emails to the Public Service Commission and feedback channel REACH, highlighting at length my present predicament, they do not even bother to acknowledge much less to act on it.

In spite of all these, I still have to continue feeding a primary school going child, my infant and a frail, sickly elderly mother-in-law who has been denied the Pioneer Generation Package due to technicalities. My husband who is the current sole bread winner takes home about $1300 and that is barely enough to raise a family after deduction of the untouchable CPF and various household bill and expenses!

When I read about the often touted propagation of the “Work skills Initiative”, I happily went to WDA to apply for their “Workfare Training Support” in WSQ Tourism Diploma, only to get flatly rejected as the government’s superimposed criteria makes it almost impossible to attain. Hence I hope Bt Batok residents can bear in mind, the nation’s sufferings under the smokescreen of a ‘caring PAP government’ before they head to the polls which will chart the country’s future of a digits and figures one or a truly compassionate socialist democratic one.

Mrs M. Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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