20 years ago, I used to be agile and playful like most young boys. I run bare footed at my void deck, play police n thief at the nearby playground, block catching with neighbors, share tidbits with them.

I rmb clearly…. I was playing void deck soccer with my neighbors. I was a very good soccer player then. representing school on several occasion. we lay slippers as goal post markings, oh-pay-som to choose team sides. Among us, there were 2 Chinese including me, 5 malay neighbours and 1 indian neighbor.

On tt very occasion, just before we started to kick, 1 of them casual remark that “ehh u both Chinese, u both play keeper !” …. without delay, the remaining non Chinese neighbors started adding fuel by agreeing with tt guy. it was a quite a massive taunt as they were all raising their voice to threaten us to be keeper. seeing tt all of them were on the same side and tone, and for the love of the game, we obliged.

standing in btw the shoes on both ends, are 2 passionate soccer lover. me representing school as an outfield player, were hurt by their remarks. thruout the game, they were discussing not to let both keepers touch the ball as it wld ‘dirty’ the ball with our pork hands. our request for playing outfield were rejected despite several minutes into the game, not perspiring and enjoying like them.

abt an hour later, they were all tired and dreaded and ended up sitting on the floor talking while both keeper, stood there without touching much of the ball.

because of my childhood encounter, I suffer depression and I weigh 120kg now. from a footballer to looking like a ball. the remark still hurt me a lot and left a scar in me. ‘ehh u Chinese u keeper !’ , ‘eh don’t let em touch the ball with their pork hands’ and several other which I long forgotten.

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