Oh my gawd so racist, such a blatant piece of evidence that Singapore is a racial apartheid state Omg, I feel so discriminated.

Lets be serious for a second and take into consideration what might have actually happen and give the benefit of the doubt to both sides and examine what Singapore is really like.

Right off the bat, this Jen person needs to take English classes as her phrasing of the sentence is deplorable but the sentence is not entirely wrong. Chinese are the ethnic majority of this country at 74.3% whereas Malays are at 8.3% (Indians at 10.1%) So Tampines 1 to try and not alienate a majority of their income source by rejecting a business proposal that might hurt their revenue is not unreasonable.

And before someone says ‪#‎ChinesePrivilege‬, check your ‪#‎IndianPrivilege‬ too please #MalaysAreBaseMinority‬

We have to take into account that we know nothing about this “Malay Roadshow” and how inclusive it is to the other ethnic groups in Singapore. Does it have a Malay speaking Emcee, is it’s main target audience going to be mainly Malay, is it By Malays for Malays and if this was the case then perhaps a location in Geylang Serai might be more fitting as this is where their Target Audience would frequent.

If an event organizer hosting a Hari Raya event in Geylang Serai rejected a business proposal for a Bak Kwa appreciation stall, I wouldn’t call that Racism (not because you can’t be racist towards a majority group because you can) but because a Bak Kwa appreciation stall is not fitting with a Hari Raya themed event.

Private businesses have the right to reject any business proposal they deem detrimental to their business and in this case Tampines One is well within it’s reason to reject this business proposal and to call it discrimination is hyperbolic at best. From what I can observe of many Singapore Mall business practices is that they try to be inclusive of everyone’s ethnic traditions and decorate themselves accordingly the holiday festivities, be it Chinese

New Year, Hari Raya, Deepvali, Christmas and what have you and some (including the neighbourhoods) do it with more gusto than the others as they’re located at ground zero of where many flock to enjoy these festive celebrations.

And you could always host your own private event by renting out public space.

But if you still insist that Pte Ltd, Private Businesses, be inclusive and serve everyone in the community instead of having many Pte Ltds that can cater to specific needs and niches. Then I’m sure you support all Food and

Beverage establishments in this country going Halal too, right? This means no pork and NO ALCOHOL, Looking at you Carl’s Jr Singapore with your non halal food establishment, alienating Muslims with your delicious real bacon made out of pork and not disgusting turkey.

EDIT: We actually do know now, what she means by a “Malay Roadshow” is a stall to sell Hijabs, she’s conflating Malay with Muslim, and you wonder why other ethnic groups in Singapore often make the conflation as well?

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