Following Lee Wei Ling’s declaration that she would no longer write for Straits Times (ST), Janadas Devan, Chief of Government Communications at the Ministry of Communication and Information, had engaged in a very public spat with Ms Lee on her Facebook.

And it continues.

Yesterday, Ms Lee, on her Facebook account, shed more light on ST’s censorship with this comment:

“The main suppression was after LKY died. The intent of the suppression seemed to be not allowing me to remind readers of my parents’ wish to eventually hv Oxley demolished; another important intent seemed to not let Singaporeans become aware that the powers that be want to keep the light of LKY continue to shine brightly on those who hope to be promoted by this association.”

Do the powers that be not realised that Singaporeans are sick of the idol worship?

Whatever credit that the late LKY was given would be diminished with this incessant hero worship and in its place, loathe and disdain would be accorded to him

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