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I was at Old Airport Road Market yesterday having my dinner after a session at the Stadium and got more than a bargained free show.

As I was dining with friends, Stall owners 01-19 and 24 who sells BBQ chicken wings and Western Food got into a heated brawl due to touting and almost got into a physical fight after throwing utensils and briefly exchanging vulgarity at one other.

We felt like in a war zone and wonder what would have happened if something they threw hit a consumer? Shortly after the first incident, drink stall holder from Orchid Drink Stall started to physically assault an innocent young man who tried to collect cleaning fees for his boss as the stall has owed the fees for a few days already.

Other horrified and concerned hawkers tried calling police but as usual, they only arrived when the whole thing was over, further cementing public belief of their incompetency.

In the end, no action were taken against the two and to the best of knowledge, both incidents were classified as non sizeable offences and no further action will be taken even though dangerous antics were displayed. Now, compare this to Amos Yee’s ranting, Roy Ng’s demonstration and Takagi’s pieces which were classified as very dangerous that warranted immediate arrests.

#1 law 2 implementations

A.S.S. Contributor

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