Dear Editor,

I read with shock and disgust the Ministry of Defence and PAP government is throwing money at the problem again. Can the defence of our country be measured by dollars and cents? Would our soldiers defend the island better if they have more vouchers? Giving some amount as a token of appreciation is understandable. But now the MOD just announced, even the NS man get married or have a child, they will also get $100 vouchers!

What logic is this? Those who don’t get married or don’t have children don’t deserve some form of recognition? We already have so many subsidies and baby bonus, I really don’t understand why the paper generals are doing this. Is this how they spend the more than $10 billion yearly budget for the Ministry of Defence? By wasting money and giving them away with these pointless policies…

I finished all my NS obligation in 1985 and we did it without all these incentives. We complained and swore a lot, but we understood what we were defending against. I think these new bunch scholar generals need to wake up their idea.

Richard Lim
ASS Contributor

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