Dear A.S.S,

There has been many articles and features on the freshmen orientation camp activities organised by tertiary institutes, and I would like to share my own experience as a concerned parent!

My child just enrolled into the polytechnic thru the polytechnic foundation programme to one of the more established polytechnics in Singapore, located in the west.

The school held a disco night whereby there was loud booming music blared for nearly 2 hours, during which, according to my child, there were already people in distress complaining that the music was too loud, the disco was too stuffy and warm and there were even a few girls that burst out in tears. The event ended late at night, at nearly 9.45pm that my child only reached home at 11pm!

I wonder if it is alright for the polytechnic to do such a thing?

Are they exposing our children to the wrong type of values?
Are tax payers money being wasted on such activities?
Why is it compulsory to have our children exposed to such loud thumping music in a hot, stuffy area till late at night?
Why are my children exposed to such activity at such an early age?

Most importantly, what kind of values is the school trying to impart? That it is perfectly alright to party in a disco till late at night?

This is very shocking and it appears that polytechnics are being too liberal in promoting young adult life styles at a young age.

Such activities should only be organised when they graduate from the place!

I hope relevant authorities can look into this issue.

Concern parent
A.S.S contributor

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