Yesterday around 620pm, I boarded the crowded circle line train from Bishan heading towards serangoon station with my 3 year old girl who is petite and could pass off as a 2 year old.

As the train was crowded, I decided not to carry her in arms so as to make more space for other commuters. I told my daughter to hold on to the railing tightly.

Yet, no one, including the lady at the “priority seat” gave up the seat. Does it mean if I am not pregnant, I did not have a crying baby in arms, I do not have a walking stick, the seat is not entitled to a 3 year old petite girl who was standing right in front of her? Was that what she was thinking because she focused her attention entirely on her phone game. The rest of the commuters saw us but also did not care.

I find it disgusting that Singapore has turned so “high tech” and cold.

In Japan, mrt commuters are not even allowed to cross their legs to make space for standing commuters. What happen to our graciousness?

I didn’t request for her to give up the seat because it was only 2 stops away. But did she know that? She should have some courtesy to offer and if I declined, it would still look better on her. Sigh. No initiative, social awareness, uncultured.

I think commuters still lack education and more needs to be done.

An angry mom
A.S.S. Contributor

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