CEO Elon Musk tweeted on 1 Apr 2016 that its all-electric car will be available in Singapore. Mr Musk said he was “fairly confident” that deliveries worldwide would begin by the end of next year, starting with North America.

The US pricing for the Model 3 will start from US$35,000 (S$47,213). At present, it is not know how much the car will cost in Singapore after the Certificate of Entitlement prices and other charges or rebates.

According to Joe Nguyen, 13 people have each placed a US$1,000 (S$1,350) deposit to book the car online. This is the first time that Tesla is taking orders from Singapore. Singapore is also the only country in South-east Asia that Tesla will be shipping the Model 3 to.

Previously, Mr Nguyen, owner of a second-hand model Tesla S, had declared on social media that he had spent months trying to get a licence for his vehicle to be driven on local roads. Additionally, he was not given the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) rebate of S$15,000 but was charged S$15,000 tax for having a non-fuel-efficient car.

Subsequently, Mr Musk tweeted that he had made a call to to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong about the case. Various agencies had since looked into the issue.

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