Fundraising for Fire Victims at Blk110 Pasir Ris

It is a sad time for our neighbor, Mr Rafi Basiran, his wife and 2 children. Words cannot express the sorrow and shock they feel when they saw their home was burned down on Easter Sunday night, 27 March 2016.

The shock of loss to our bodies – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, is superb. As we reach out in assistance to all who are grieving, we need to remind them and ourselves to accept that there is a lot we do not know. Here, there is great freedom. And it helps us to meet life’s adversity with courage, head-on.

Here, I would like to raise funds for the Basiran family who have been a very good neighbour to all of us at Block 110 Pasir Ris St 11. They have always helped and contributed in many ways than one to the community with their time, money and kindness and therefore with utmost sincerity I feel that this is one way I could ease the victims burden and get them to carry on with their normal lives as soon as possible.

Mr Basiran’s insurance coverage states that only the structure of the flat is covered. Most of his family’s belongings are gone and he will have to bear his own renovation costs of putting back the windows, doors, electrical fixtures and painting.

I believe the theory of paying it forward and I know Mr Basiran’s family has paid forward in many ways before . Now it is time that they get a relief by your generosity, kindness and love.

My name is Iskandar Muhammad and I am the Basiran’s neighbor living on the ground floor.
I will be collecting your donations and on the 16th April 2016, My family and I will hand over all the contributions to the Basirans from our humble abode.

Thank you for your kindness and love.

Iskandar Muhammad
A.S.S. Contributor

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