I noticed that melamine tableware are used commonly in all food court and hawker center in Singapore.

I believe it’s all about convenient sake that this material are cheap, durable, practically unbreakable, light and versatile. However is there anyone think of the consequences in using this material for a long term especially for a hot boiled soup?

Melamine, a chemical found in bowls, plates and other tableware may leach into our food and make its way into our bodies, potentially raising risks for health problems such as kidney and bladder stones (urolithiasis), kidney failure and even cancer in animal studies, according to the World Health Organization, but research on human exposure is lacking. Is it worth the risk?

Did you noticed that some of the old coffee shop / hawker center’s tableware are faded in color and when the coating inside is missing and it turns into a different color from the other side? A small residue of the melamine compound could remain in the dish and under certain conditions, could migrate slowly to foods that come into contact with it.

I’m not complaining, but it will be good if we can create an awareness to the government so they can banned a melamine tableware for a newly open food court or restaurant and for the old hawker center to slowly changed the tableware into a glass.

Here are some article that I found:

Is Melamine Dinnerware Safe?

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