Wong Guoliang, 34, a property agent pleaded guilty to causing grievous hurt with a deadly weapon on Tuesday (April 5).

Last February, Wong found out his then-girlfriend, Ms Liao Sihan, had broken up with Mr Fredrick Toh Cheng Chye after she realised that Toh was married with a child. Toh had also been cheating on her.

Wong who suffers from a personality disorder heard his “guardian angel” and “voice of conscience”, Michael, say that he ought to teach Toh “a lesson” in case he tried to harm other women.

Wong then decided to call Toh, a renovation contractor on a pretext to work on his house in Hillview Terrace. Wong, who is serving a ban from driving, took a friend’s car and drove it there without his consent. Wong wore a surgical face mask and carried a parang. Upon seeing Toh, Wong claimed that he “recalled all the bad things that Mr Toh had done to Ms Liao and to other women” and attacked him. Toh sustained fractured skull and wounds to his arm, cheek, forehead and back. More than 20cm of Toh’s intestines also had to be removed as a result of the attack. The attack left him hospitalised for 10 days.

Toh managed to flee to the carpark. His lawyer, Mr Steven Lam said his client was also traumatised by the attack and has difficulty sleeping. He asked for 21/2 years’ jail with six strokes of the cane for the charge, which carries a jail term of up to 15 years.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kong Kuek Foo asked for four years’ jail with nine strokes of the cane for the assault, saying the courts needed to send a clear signal against “such senseless acts of violence”.

Wong is expected to be sentenced on May 12, pending a further medical report on Mr Toh’s condition.

Wong also admitted to three other counts: driving under disqualification, driving without insurance and driving without the vehicle owner’s consent. Six other charges will be taken into consideration in sentencing at a later date.

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