It is fine to love your dog but it is NOT OKAY to be inconsiderate! It is commonsensical knowledge that pets should not be allowed in public establishments such as supermarkets. However, local “influencer” Isabel Tan, better known by her internet moniker as Prettyfrowns has not only repeatedly brought her pooch along with her on her grocery adventures, but has also repeatedly placed them inside SHARED PUBLIC BASKETS for her to carry her pooch.

Sure, placing a little Chihuahua into a basket while gRoCeRy sHoPpInG might be a really cute thing to do – little cutie pooch fits snugly into the basket, and “influencer” takes a ‘Snap’ (real smart to post this on Snapchat, actually. +1 for intelligence!) of it because…well, it somehow fits the image she tries to portray. Cute. Well, no.

Not until we take into account the various implications that may arise from her seemingly innocent, cute and trendy action. Bringing a pet into an establishment that clearly states “NO PETS ALLOWED” is an absolutely
ludicrous and irresponsible action. Obvious hygiene concerns aside, selfishly placing a dog (pets in general, really) into SHARED PUBLIC SUPERMARKET baskets completely disregards and disrespects Muslim consumers who may use the very same basket she placed her dog in.

ASS Contributor

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