By: @Elise Lxf

Guy that rape : Aloysius Tan

i’m sorry .. I’ve let y’all down .. but i really have to do this .. 2 days ago .. this incident happened to me .. I was being taken advantage of .. touched by a friend .. i’m here to tell y’all to be wary of him .. & .. please DO NOT go up to any friend’s house without an adult .. ( I can’t tag him because I’m blocked too )

this is what happened ..

2 days ago , on Thursday morning @ around 8am – 9am , Aloysius accompanied me to Bukit Batok Polyclinic because I was sick & he’s available . he started leaning on my shoulder & I felt really uncomfortable , therefore I shoved him off . after the consultation , he suggested whether i’m okay with the idea to rest at his place , I agreed . I went to his place , but nobody was home . when I was resting , he asked me not to sleep . I asked him why , he didn’t give me a valid reason not to & continued asking me not to sleep instead . the very next moment , he’s right above me . he pinned me onto his bed , i was struggling .. crying really badly .. pushing him away .. but he was too strong for me to even free myself . he placed his legs in between mine , I tried to kick him away & do what I can to avoid what he was doing . he started kissing me & I avoided it by turning my head at another direction . he claimed that I French kissed him , which apparently I didn’t . he took advantage of me by slipping his hands into my FBT shorts , followed by my undergarment . I tried to remove his hands away .. I bite him .. I did all I could .. i told him to stop , but he insisted & continued with what he was doing . I managed to free myself when he was at a position whereby I could actually free my legs . I left his room crying , realizing that my phone was charging in his room , I went back to retrieve it . when I went in to take it , he tried carrying me back into his room & he said ” you come in again is 2nd round lehs ” I was panicking & crying really badly , so i texted my brother , asked him to pick me up & he rushed down to Bukit Gombak just to pick me & to make sure I’m safe . I broke down much worse after explaining to him what really happened in specific .

these are the evidences of the bruise marks I had after the incident & the conversation he had with my friends . there was a twist of story between what he told my friend & told me .

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