Third 5-year Enabling Masterplan for people with disabilities

I refer to the article “New roadmap for people with disabilities” (Straits Times, Apr 3).

It states that “Greater inclusiveness for people with disabilities and more support for their caregivers.

These will be part of the focus of the third Enabling Masterplan – a blueprint to guide the development of policies, programmes, services and other support for those with disabilities.”

Public transport?

Arguably, public transport may be one of the most basic and pressing needs of people with disabilities – which may also alleviate their financial strain.

People with disabilities have been calling for concessionary public transport for many years, and it finally came in 2014.

The current concessions are

“Enjoy 25% discount off adult fares.
No additional cost for distance travelled beyond 7.2km.
Option to purchase Monthly Concession Pass with unlimited bus and train rides at $60 per month”
25% discount one of the lowest in the world?

I understand that people with disabilities get free public transport in places like Scotlandand Seoul, South Korea.

Our 25 per cent discount may be one of the lowest in the developed and developing countries – countries like Taiwan have 50% discounts and Hong Kong only charge HK$2 (34 Singapore cents) per trip.

Free public transport?

As we are now talking about the third 5-year enabling masterplan for people with disabilities – why don’t we consider free public transport as a priority since we are one of the richest countries in the world – with a projected Budget surplus of $3.4 billion for the current financial year?

Leong Sze Hian

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