What a day… My car broke down & made me realized how friendly Singaporeans are…

* People start getting impatient & horned you like as though I wanted my car to breakdown in the middle of the road
* The big truck just got impatient overtook & cut in almost knocked onto me
* The lorry just drove passed staring at me

But I met nice helpful people who gave me their helping hand… And this really made someone better when he was lost & I can’t do anything without their helping hand to push my car into the car park.

1 ) Yachu from ATS TRAFFIC gave me his helping hand to push my car into the car park
2 ) Came this Malay Guy SJY5932C approached to help
3 ) Then a group of students from Woodlands Secondary
4 ) Chinese guy SGH283A came to help

Just wanna to thank all of you for making my day less painful… I may not know where you all are from but just wanna to say THANK YOU for the kindest help!

* Dear friends ps help to share so that all these heros will be known of their kindness!

A.S.S. Contributor

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