The dog adoption community has been up in arms recently over a spate of deaths which have struck dogs adopted by a Facebook user, "Miranda Tham".
According to recent posts by Lena Tan and Sharon Tan on SPCA Facebook, the woman had allegedly adopted 3 dogs on 3 separate occasions. However, 2 of these dogs died within days of their adoption, due to neglect and a road accident.
The former owner of the only surviving dog, a Jack Russell named Clifford, has tried desperately to contact this irresponsible dog adopter, only to receive a stone wall of silence. The last time the former owner saw Clifford, she noticed that the dog had become very skinny and defensive.
Concerned dog owners have approached the SPCA to act quickly to save the life of the remaining dog and investigate the incidents. SPCA responded on its Facebook claiming that it was currently looking into the matter.
Read the accounts of the former owners of 2 of the dogs Miranda adopted here:

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