Dear ASS

Reference to your online post on dog adopter Miranda Tham. As i am the dog owner of the chihuahua named FiFi who just passed away due to her negelience. I would like to give my side of story.

Fifi was supposed to be on a 2 weeks trial stay to see if she will be the suitable adopter for FiFi. As she claim she is a secondary school teacher i really put alot of trust on her since intergerity is an important value especially for a teacher. But i really have doubt with her after what happen to Fifi

She brought Fifi to Pasir Ris park on Sunday 27 March evening. She admitted that she did not leashed Fifi at that time. Thou Fifi wasnt leashed he was still within her sight all the while. To go to the main road to grab a cab she cut through the terrace house and Fifi was knocked down at a corner by a motorbike. She claim that the rider did not get off his bike and just drove off. SO is this a hit and run case? If so shouldnt there be some justice to be done to the motorbike rider if what Miranda Tham say is based on true fact?

She told me Fifi did not die immediately on the spot but if so why she did not rush him to vet immediately? Then she reply me that thou fifi never died on the spot but he already 奄奄一息了。 She told me she walked around the park and managed to find a plastic bag. So fifi carcass was left there while she walked around aimlessly to find a plastic bag? She manage to find a plastic bag and hence put FiFi carcass inside it. Tied it up and put into the rubbish chute. When i question her the location of where the accident happen she cant provide me the road name. When i ask why she nv immeidately send fifi to the vet she reply fifi already 奄奄一息了。when i ask her why she never immediately call me she say she dunno to call me anot. When i question her why she did not call me on the very same day after she settle fifi carcass by putting it in the rubbish chute she replied that she not sure if is the right time for her to tell me since i was in Bangkok. I question her why just dump his carcass in the chute n not arranging cremation serving for fifi. she replied she did not know there is cremation service for dogs. She thought cremation is only for human. I came to know abt the whole thing only on Monday afternoon which i cant get back fifi carcass to arrange a proper cremation. Ask her for the road name where accident happen she say she cannot remember. She also did not tell me where exactly she dump his carcass except i was told those big green rubbish chute.

I posted a summary of fifi encounter on dog lover facebook group is to share what happen to fifi and hope everyone will pray for that poor little chihuahua whose carcass got dumped inside the rubbis chute. Her name was later mentioned out in my post was because it can bring alert to others. After revealing her name i came to know that she had lied to me on a few things. First she did not disclosed to me that she got a JRT which she adopted from SPCA. I asked for her address but she gave me prive condo add and ask me to meet at guardhouse but she is not staying there at all. Then i came to know about tiny poor encounter which tiny also passed away after that.

All these are based on true facts as i had recorded down all our conversation. Is obivously that fifi died due to her negelience. Yet she claim we defame her.

Melony Oh
A.S.S. Contributor

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