Was on my way to work,as usual train full of people.Suddenly when the train reach clementi,more and more passenger came in.

Strangely,I felt there an auntie keep,pushing me from behind,i did not know why,since i am standing near the centre of cabin,didn’t block the exit.

She was quite rude,did not even said excuse me,somehow i just let her get the way and she stand directly in front of the xdd sitting.

I saw her staring at that kid,impatiently.The kid just ignore her,watching and playing his phone

That auntie started to tap that kid,ask for the seat,she said she want to sit

XDD point at the reserved seat,said go there,auntie said she an elderly,young people should let her sit

XDD reply in a calm ,loud way,you r not my grandmother,i do not know you,why should i let u sit

That auntie start to look paiseh since everyone staring at her,she want to move to away but cannot,since train super crowded

That xdd not paiseh at all,put his headset back,continue watching videos,i think it was from twice.

Mr Ong
A.S.S. Contributor

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