Dear ASS Editors,

During today’s sedition trial for alleged TRS owner Yang Kaiheng, it was revealed during cross examination that the police used its powers to research on past TRS civil lawsuits unrelated to the sedition case. The police had hoped to use these unrelated civil lawsuits as evidence when the cases are totally unrelated and could be misconstrued as a blatant abuse of police powers?

In Court, it was revealed by the DPP that a CID Inspector Ravi was instructed by his police force to dig up on the political and potential defamatory articles TRS had produced in the past with PAP MP and Ministers. In particular civil lawsuits concerning PAP MP Irene Ng, Zaqy Mohammad and Minister Ng Eng Hen.

Defence counsel Remy Choo Zheng Xi cross examined police Inspector Ravi and asked whether such cases had any relevance to the current sedition case… Inspector Ravi appeared taken aback by this line of questioning and did not appear to know how to answer. Finally he composed his fluttered self before answering “no comment” to the Defence’s question.

Could this be evidence of TRS’s political persecution by the State with trumped up charges of Sedition? How can the police which is meant to protect its citizens be using unrelated political articles as evidence during this Sedition case? Is this fair to Mr Yang Kaiheng and his wife Ai Takagi?

TRS Supporter

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