Dear Editor,

I follow with avid interest, the upcoming by-election which will likely be
called in June 2016.

While much has been said of why Dr Chee will or will not win the by-election,
I must say to the voters of Bukit Batok, why they must feel compelled to send
Dr. Chee to parliament instead of the status quo Murali:

1. Dr Chee is “endorsed” by Chen Show Mao

2. Voters of Bukit Batok must dispel the lies of the PAP by retaining Murali
at Paya Lebar for a rerun with Chen the next round

3. We must prevent an entrenched 2 party dominant system like the US which
does not offer much of a choice to voters, case in point, just look at the
current WP lackluster performance in parliament

4. SDP has been on the rise since 2006 that culminated in its steady
performance in the polls of 2011 and even the ‘diastrous’ 2015 elections
which saw only the SDP improved on its vote share

5. The SDP has shied away from confrontational politics to one of hard ground
work especially in the area of Holland-Bukit Timah

6. The more desperate the attacks of Dr Chee by Jason Chua, Chan Chun Sing,
Lee Junior etc. the more fishier the situation becomes as it only goes to
show governmental fear of Dr Chee’s entry into parliament

7. Election of Dr Chee will not change the makeup of parliament much thus
voters of Bukit Batok and Singaporeans have nothing to lose

8. Voters of Bukit Batok has all to gain with 2 for 1 Meet-the-People

9. The SDP has all the expertise of running a town council with its proven
slate of professionals behind the party as alleged by Jason Chua on the
ability of Dr Chee and the party to survive in treacherous times

A.S.S. Contributor

p.s. It will be a refreshing scene with the first red being elected to
parliament in a long while #Now is the time

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