I recently went to Plaza Singapura A.LAB to get my iPhone 6s 128gb to be repaired. Due to iphone not being able to charge, they had to send in the phone for 5-7 working days for further inspection. Due to the long wait, they offered me a loaner set, an iPhone 6 16gb. At that moment I was told to verify the IMEI and serial number and was told that if any third party modification were done to the phone I will have to bare charges.

I’m not an experienced or professional iphone dealer and so, wouldn’t be able to tell if it was an original set or not. I gullibly believed that Apple is strict enough to not have such dishonesty happen so I only checked the IMEI, serial number, and condition of phone.

Upon the day of collection, they took back the loaner set for inspection, after a 30 minutes of good wait, I was told by the customer service officer that I have done unauthorised changes to that set. I was dumbfounded. When I asked what changes is she referring to, she told me she couldn’t disclose what was it, and immediately told me I had to pay $888 in order to get back my iPhone 6s.

Of course by instinct anyone would be mad upon being accused of doing something they didn’t so I firmly told her I did not do any modification to the phone loaned to me. She then got a upper authority to further explain to me that there was nothing else I could do then to pay the huge sum of money. At that moment I felt so cheated and vulnerable so I called the police for help.

When they knew I reported the police they then told me they could try to call directly to Apple centre to try to waive off the charges. But to no avail, they told me that I have swap the original LCD to a counterfeit one. After the police have arrive, they told me that it is a white collar case and my only call was to engage a lawyer.

I never expected Apple to have such dishonesty and have no idea who would risk a perfect condition iPhone 6s just for a loaned iPhone 6 LCD. I hope to get justice soon. Do share with me your encounters with A.LAB if any. ‪#‎thenewpaper‬ ‪#‎新明早报‬ ‪#‎sgag‬ ‪#‎allsingaporestuff‬

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