damn tulan with my new female manager (single, in her 40s) who has nothing better to do than micromanage. i’ve been tolerating her nonsense for quite a while already, but today she pissed moi off until i cannot take it oredi

this morning between 8 to 8.45am there was a train fault along NEL line, and i had the courtesy to inform her that i’ll be late for work, and see what she reply me..? no hi or anything, just a wtf screenshot. as if sbs so diligent go and update the website for minor delays.

anyway luckily got another colleague from another dept got stuck in the delay and he emailed his manager about it, so i asked her (in the screenshot) to check with him. no replies after that. trust is the foundation of every relationship. whether is it in personal life and in business. omg such simple things also duno.

a lil background: i’ve been working for close to 4 years in my current company and had no issues with my previous managers before this nonsense started to come along. she’s a new manager for less than 6 months. i was tasked to handover some of the manager’s duties (i was covering while the dept was shorthanded) when she was still new during her first month and did my job diligently.. after her 2nd month, all her pattern come out. talk about being grateful eh?

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