Zhang Bobo, a 27-year-old Singaporean, printed his own barcode stickers and fixed them on various items in supermarkets to obtain them at lower prices,

He was sentenced to six months’ jail after admitting to four charges of cheating involving $2,354. Another seven similar charges and two attempted cheating charges were considered in sentencing.

On Nov 1 last year , he cheated Giant Tampines of $630 when he pasted false price tags on six milk powder tins, a cooker and a vacuum cleaner. He scanned and paid for the items as Marigold evaporated milk at $1.25 each.

On Nov 6, he went back to to Giant Tampines and cheated the company of $547.

He was caught at Cold Storage supermarket at Eastwood Road on Nov 5 last year when he tried to cheat by paying $6 for three tins of milk powder worth $493.

Zhang has since made full restitution to Cold Storage and Giant.

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