Dear Editors,

Hi, I wish to raise awareness on the recent haze condition. Many of us must have noticed the smoke/burnt smell in the air recently. I have come across a web site which monitors PSI as well as PM 2.5 (and many more) and it is seriously worrying me.

I have been checking a particular website for information over the past 2 weeks and there were days where the PM 2.5 reached an unhealthy level for sensitive groups of people. However, PM 2.5 had worsened yesterday to the unhealthy level for the general public.

Thus, i feel that it is important for everyone of us to gain more access to such weather information earlier and decide on how best to readily protect our family members when going outdoors.

I hope this information serves as a reference for you and your family. Some may not have realized yet, but haze condition may be already affecting the more vunlerable groups of people.

A Concerned Mummy
A.S.S. Contributor

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