Incensed at being denied re-entry into a club, 28 year-old Mr Desmond Loh insulted a bouncer of the club, calling him “fat”.

What he did not expect was to receive a royal walloping which required him to go for facial reconstructive surgery.

On 3rd May last year, Loh and a friend had gone to Club Sonar at Orchard Hotel, where 20 year-old Yeo Tian Soon was working as a bouncer.

When being checked in by Yeo, Mr Loh had made “uncalled for” remarks which irritated Yeo. When Mr Loh tried to re-enter the club again 5 minutes later, he was turned away by Yeo.

Mr Loh told the court, “I (told him), ‘You’re rejecting me entry cause you’re fat’.”

Angered by his remarks, Yeo later went to confront Mr Loh and his friend at Club Aura, another club in Orchard Hotel. He was joined by Club Sonar’ security supervisor and another accomplice, Chee Chu Siong.

Yeo, a taekwon-do blue-belt holder who watched self-defence videos in his free time, threw punches at Loh and pinned him to the ground. When Loh’s friend attempted to intervene, he was held back by Chee.

According to court proceedings, Loh did not retaliate against the barrage. He was later taken to hospital, where a CT scan revealed fractures on the left side of his face. According to court papers, the injuries were so severe that he had to undergo an open reduction internal fixation – an operation to fix a bone using surgical plates and screws.

Mr Loh says that he has lost some sensation on parts of his face. He also suffer some vision loss, which had to be fixed by an eye surgeon.

Yeo’s lawyer pleaded for leniency, claiming that the attack was an unfortunate one-off incident.

“This was not an act of gangsterism… It was an event that took place where tempers were lost and it went beyond what it should have been,” he said.

Yeo pleaded guilty to 2 counts of voluntarily causing grievous hurt and a count of voluntarily causing hurt yesterday in court. A third charge of fighting with another patron on a separate occasion was taken into consideration.

Judge Joseph called for probation and reformative training reports.

According to Loh, there has been no apology from Yeo.

Mr Loh said: “I don’t think anyone should do this to anyone especially when I couldn’t really defend myself… He was determined to take aim at my face, and that was the only part that was hit.”

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