Warning to all who use Valet Service…

I was in a hurry for an appointment for lunch. The car park was full. So I used the FREE Valet Parking Service which the shopping mall has so kindly and graciously provided. I was out within an hour and happily tipped the driver for his service.

I happened to pass through a HDB EPS gentry today and to my horror I noticed that I only have $26 left in my cash card. My last check and top up was a week ago and I had $148 in my cash card. I tried to recall the places I had been and the parking fees that I had paid. Certainly something was very wrong. How could my cash card have such a low amount? An amount of $80 or more had been deducted from my cash card. Somebody must have access to my car and must have used my cash card in an unauthorized manner.

The only person I can recall is the valet who took my car. It was my mistake to leave my cash card inside. I do not wish to pursue the matter. But I would like to WARN all those who use Valet Parking Service to be very careful. It was a bitter experience, I consider my loss as a big tip to the valet. Please do not continue your criminal act because one day you will be caught and be charged in court. Enjoy the big tip!!!

Blur Ah Kong
A.S.S. Contributor

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