My wife and I went to Prata Wala shop at the basement of Junction 8. it was packed and the cleaners were trying their best to clean and clear the tables for those waiting.

One couple with two small children finished their meals and the Abang cleared the table and returned the trays. Besides them was a young lady who was busy with her phone while taking her meal. She finished her meal and left with her table dirty and cluttered with the unfinished curry and Prata. A mess.

To my surprise Abang went over and cleared the table! Wow! I was certainly very impressed. Shame to the young lady who left without baiting an eyelid.

Of course my wife and I finished our meal and we too cleaned our table and returned our tray for the next couple.

Thank you Abang. You know who you are after reading this. Terimah kasih.

Grateful Singapore
ASS Contributor

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