After LKY’s daughter Lee Wei Ling wrote a Facebook note to criticise the excessive veneration of her father, Straits Times’ Assistant Sports Editor, Chia Han Keong, voiced his unhappiness over the former PM’s daughter’s writing, calling her a sourpuss.

Read Lee Wei Ling note here:

Lee Kuan Yew would have cringed at the hero worship just one year after his deathThe response of Singaporeans during…

Lee Wei Lingさんの投稿 2016年3月25日金曜日

Chia wrote, “Come on lah, Ms Lee, you unfunny, un-fun sourpuss. We work and work and work, sometimes willingly, sometimes reluctantly, just because your dad said so. Now we rest a bit to remember fondly this patriarch, but you must come and KPKB and tell us to get back to work??? Yah, yah, we may have overdone things, but come on, relax lah, the country won’t fall because of this. In fact, if we hadn’t done these barrage of tributes, some political enemies might write bad things about us yah? Something like, “deep down inside, every Singaporean actually hates LKY…” So please, stop self-flagellating, relax and be glad we don’t spit on your dad’s grave.”

But later Chia took down the post and stated that the post does not represent The Straits Times.

“Hello all,

Earlier today, I posted a Facebook post expressing my views about Dr Lee Wei Ling’s views about how Singaporeans have been remembering her father on his death anniversary. In hindsight, the post was too strongly worded.

I’ve since taken down the post. I would also like to add that as this is my private account, my views do not represent that of my company, the Singapore Press Holdings Ltd, nor those of my newspaper, The Straits Times.”

But more interestingly, Chia’s Facebook outburst indicated that LKY had asked reporters to do certain work and political enemies will write things about the newspaper if they did not play ball. It is not known if Chia was pressured by anyone to retract his statement.

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