How would you feel if you don’t have a home to go back to, a place to shower and a bed to sleep?

I always encounter an uncle under my block (550546) and seems like he is homeless. It is disheartening to know that there are still homeless people lying around Void Decks, Car Park, and even Play Ground. I have also done a research on “The Rate of Homeless people in Singapore” and it seems like there are no records of the Homeless after year 2014 ( or maybe I did not go in depth for researching )


It pains me when I saw him sleeping on a hard rock bench using his frail arms as a pillow. We all know that resting on our arms may cause arm pins and needles. Personally I hated that feeling. Insufficient rest and poor living conditions are also detrimental to our health.

So, I bought him an inflatable pillow hoping that it will help him to have at least a more comfortable sleep. As much as I wanted to buy him a pillow, I see that he is always travelling with a plastic bag, hence I think an inflatable pillow would be more portable for him to bring around. I’ve also gotten him some ear plugs so as to reduce any surrounding noise while he’s sleeping.

I have no idea how Long since he had a proper shower, therefore I bought him a small bottle of powder for him to keep comfortable while being able to bring it around with him conveniently.
Unfortunately, I left the stuff there without him knowing that I’m helping him.

I believe that we can do much more to help those homeless people. Hence, I hope that the relevant agencies and like minded people can join me in this cause.

Reven Teo
ASS Contributor

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