On behalf of the families of Hj Ahmad Buhari, Hj Ahmad Dhaffir, and Hj Sidek bin Ismail, we would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has sent us condolences and prayers on the passing of our beloved Almarhum Muhd ​​Ashraf.

May Allah s.w.t. plentifully reward your kindness with His best rewards.

We are unable to extend our thanks personally to every individual, but we hope this message of thanks and gratitude will reach out to everyone present at 43 Lengkok Empat, at Masjid Kassim, as well as at the cemetery to be with us during Almarhum’s funeral. Alhamdulillah, your presence and support have helped us manage our loss better.

We would also like to thank everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, who shares with us this grief and who has offered us words of encouragement at this very difficult time.

May Allah s.w.t. place the souls of these young men, Muhd Asyraf and Nasrulhudin, amongst the pious upon whom God’s mercy and compassion rest. InshaAllah. Ameen.

On behalf of the families of:

Haji Ahmad Buhari bin Hj Ali Sidek
Rosmawati bte Ahmad
Mohammad Alfiyan bin Ahmad Buhari
Siti Maisarah bte Ahmad Buhari
Ahmad Izzuddin bin Ahmad Buhari
Hj Ahmad Dhafir
Hj Sidek Ismail

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