A reader recently shared a video of a lone man behaving suspiciously at the foot of his block. According to our reader, the man is one of several bird keepers who bring their birds, such as macaws and parakeets out to fly around the sports park in Woodgrove
When their birds perch on the surrounding trees, the keepers throw water bottles filled with water to force the bird to leave their perches or even fling fishing rods with weights or bottles attached at the birds. Apart from being a cruel practice, our reader has shared that there have been several near-miss accidents as a result of these bird keepers actions, as sometimes they have left their dangling bottles hanging on the trees. Passing motorcyclists have been forced at times to dodge such unexpected obstacles.
Realizing the the danger that these bottles might cause, the reader has taken it upon himself to remove the bottles, only to see these bird owners continue their nightly antics.
Who will take action against these irresponsible bird keepers?

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