Our reader came across a Facebook post by a young, pretty student nurse who had encountered an unappreciative and rude middle-aged woman on the MRT. The woman, who scolded the young nurse and her Indian nurse friend in public without any provocation, had called them fakes and questioned whether the two girls were putting on their nurses uniform just for show. 
This was probably in response to an incident involving a mother who had trouble loading her stroller onto the MRT for a brief moment. Having little time to react, both the student nurses had tried to step forward to help the mother but the matter was resolved swiftly on its own. 
However, instead of being fair, the middle aged woman had assumed that the two girls were unwilling to help and criticized them publicly. This led the young trainee nurse and her friend to feel particularly aggrieved, especially since the woman had chosen to criticize her and her Indian friend in Mandarin.
What followed was a explicit-laden, but heartfelt, rant from the young nurse, who poured out her daily struggles on social media.
Read her account here.

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