Guys.. i need some advise about parking rules and what to do and stuff…

Ive went to blk 248 simei st 5 afew days ago for a job.. i drive a van and have heavy equipments to unload. ive found is the multi-storey carpark with the height limit lower than my van. So my van could not enter. And i drove around for about an half and hour to check uf there is other parking lots avaliable but it seems that e only area to park is at e first level of the carpark, where by theres some shop at the front and some lots at the back (for lorries only/ loading and unloading until certain timing)..

when i reach, i remember its no longer loading and unloading hours.. so i guess i can park there as thats really the ONLY place to park.. so ive park for an hour and i got saman…

I tried to appeal and i gave my reason..
– multi storey carpark height limit i could not enter.
– i have heavy equipments to unload so i need to park around the area
– i even point out that ive drove around to check for other parking lots but there isnt.

End up i receive a reply from a officer saying that my appeal is not successful and they tell me that i should park at the upper deck of tue multi storey carpark?!?!?!
Srsly?!?!?! They dont unds english??? I cannot even enter, how i park at the upper deck?? And i parked at a lot that is for lorries only or for loading/unloading before the time but its after time what.. y cant i park there since i cant enter the carpark? My height limit same as lorries leh..

Folks, what should i do? Just pay the saman like that and accept their unreasonable reason? Or should i write in again? Or is there any place i can write in for this? Cause the officer who replied me obviously never read my letter.

Elliot Kaii Wong
A.S.S. Contributor

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