The police said one of the photograph of one of the two workers killed on the SMRT tracks was actually leaked by a full-time police national serviceman.

The NSF was said to have taken a picture of a police computer screen and shared it with his family and friends.

The picture, which showed a close up of Mr Muhammad Asyraf Ahmad Buhari’s body lying on the MRT track, was circulated online and on phones earlier this week. It was even seen by some of the victim’s family members before the official news and caused them great distress.

Police said they are investigating the officer for an offence under the Official Secrets Act.

“The Police deeply regret the insensitive and illegal action of the officer, and met with the family today to explain the circumstances surrounding the leakage,” he said.

“The Police have strict rules on the management of official information and take a very serious view of any breach. Officers who commit any wrongdoing will be dealt with in accordance with the law.”

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