Dear All Singapore Stuff,

It’s good that Amos Yee has disappeared for good.

As much as I disagree with how people overreacted to Amos Yee’s LKY video, death threats on him, want him to pay the price for insulting their godfather, etc.. I don’t pity Amos Yee at all, he should know in Singapore if you insult the government, especially LKY in SG you’re going to be condemned countrywide, and the horde of fanatics will make sure you pay the price for insulting their Dear Leader.

I know in western countries you can mock or even insult the head of state/government without getting into trouble, but most Singaporeans don’t think that way, even though I believe everyone should have the right to fark the government upside down if they screw up, or even insult them, but you should be conscious about the demographics of Singapore.

Especially when LKY died, whole country mourning for him and Amos Yee took this chance to get the attention on the expense of LKY’s death by making that video, so why should I pity that farker kid? He’s intelligent enough to know what’s the reaction and consequences of making that video. No, I do not support LKY, in fact I’m not even offended by his LKY video since I didn’t even feel sad when he died. But the point I’m trying to make here is, you should know what the outcome will be if you do something wrong (in the eyes of Singaporeans, like insulting gahmen/insulting lky), so don’t expect any sympathy since you know very well you’ll get into trouble for making that video.

I won’t condemn Amos Yee, but I won’t pity him, he’s the one who destroyed his life when he had a potentially bright future, he could avoid the politics and just focus on what he’s doing (making entertaining videos not related to politics.. film making).

Light Duty
A.S.S. Contributor

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