Dear Editor,

I am saddened by news of the jailing of Ms Ai Takagi which relied solely on draconian laws that were long done away with by the colonial masters! I am also much appalled that the Judiciary is unable to differentiate between racism and xenophobia.

We have indeed sunk deeper into 3rd world status in our politics since GE 2015, which will follow suit in our economics and development for we are already ranked 5th in crony capitalism. Before Jason Chua and his IB gang consisting of Tin Peiling, Baey Yam Keng etc. constantly trumpet their party’s achievements, they should bear in mind that the nation was built not just by The Late LKY but also by Dr. Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye, S. Rajaratnam, Edmund W. Barker, Devan Nair, Lim Kin San and Dutch Economist Albert Winsemius.

But what we are witnessing now is the claiming of all credit by 1 man and his son and it is not doing justice to those who helped built this nation as well. This is nothing short of disgusting to the maximum as I believe the current government has stopped caring for Singaporeans since 2004. While LKY and his wife have fresh fish flown in from Japan to tantalize their taste butts, what do you think the thousands of elderly working as cleaners and card board collectors savor? Is this really about nation building? Nation building is sharing the fruits with all citizens, especially the pioneer generation and not making them slog in their twilight years when they trusted the PAP who created a Swiss living standard for they and their cronies instead.

Despite all this, we have a candle in the wind and a breath of fresh air in Ms Takagi from the constant garbage fed to us by Straits Times and Mediacorp. Ms Takagi is a heroine who deserves our support for she embodies the quote of The Late David Marshall that: “the duty of an Opposition is to act with vigor in guiding & criticizing with integrity the conduct of the Govt, TO MAKE HEARD THE VOICES OF THE MINORITY WITHOUT FEAR”. We have witnessed nothing even when we had 7 elected Opposition members in Parliament and will likely continue to be so unless the SDP is elected in this by-election. During this duration, Ms Takagi had the unenviable task of ensuring Social Justice which brought many wrong doings to light in addition to causing some policy U-turns with voices from the ground. It did not happen as the WP had made it out to be.

Moving forward, I hope fellow Singaporeans can see through the charade of Murali in wanting to be elected when he dare not voice the concerns of residents. Just check with residents of Aljunied GRC and they’ll let you know whether he or his gang were true advocates for them or not? #free Ai Takagi

Chris Han
A.S.S. Contributor

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