One of our female readers has sent in yet more evidence of foreigners misbehaving in Singapore.

According to our reader, she received a message from a “rosli sany”, who simply blurted out a disgusting proposition: “how much 1night$$$?”

Feeling outraged and on the advice of her friend, she decided to shame this pervert and warn other women about this pervert lurking on WeChat.

Read her account here:

Dear A.S.S

I hope you will post this so that it serve as a warning to those using wechat platform. I do not know this guy personally and he has be harassing me over the past weeks. I am writing this so other younger girls be aware of this pervert lurking in wechat platform. He keep stalking me with harassing text asking me – how much for a night? I hope other ladies will be inform that such pervert around social platform.

Miss K.

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