Dear ASS Editors,

I am an ex convict who just serve my time behind bars not too long ago.I learn about this site and like to share a little story about this girl who I got to know from an ex cell mate I had when I was serving my time. Reason being I think we shall let more people know about compassions in this realistic society.Also, we need more people know of the silence heros who give without wanting for any receiving.

To cut the story short, I like to give my heart fill thanks to this girl who inspire, motivate and transform my life around when my own family gave up on me. Its a God send to me because I do not know her but through words of mouth from my ex cell mate that she is willingly to be my pen pal. I never forgot her words. I study hard inside n bring myself closer to God. Now, I received not only HIS kindness but also an angel send down by HIM.

I had since renounce, found a stable job n is in the 6 months of my job(my longest work before last only 2 weeks at most). I stay away from drugs and those nonsense that eat up my precious time. My family had since accepted me.I have a stable love relationship too.I owed all these to this angel who touch my heart and let us ex convicts realise not all of the people outside look down on us.

There is still someone who is willingly to give us a second chance. Not for you, I will not be what I am today. Thank you thank you thank you, all I have is this to you.
May Lord bless you.(only can find this pic on her facebook)

Gary Chew
A.S.S. Contributor

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