A young reader encountered a decently dressed elderly lady on board a bus recently who pestered him for small change. Sensing something amiss because she did not seem poor, our young reader refused to give her anything.

After she gave up, she took a seat behind the boy. Turning his head, he realized that the lady had gold bangles on her arm and legs, which led him to believe that the lady may be trying to scam young Singaporeans of their small change.

Would you give her your small change if you were our reader?

Read his account here:

“Beware of the old lady. Was on the bus 2 on my way to work. Plug in my ear piece listen to my music as usual when I was suddenly approach by this old lady who asked me for two dollars. I was hesitant to give that we dollar as she seems dress decently. But I said no, she keep asking if I got any spare cash for her. I firmly said no as I was only using cards for my daily spending. She return back to her seat. Guess what, I turn around and saw hands holding a ring and leg with a gold bracket. I guess she thinks that young boys are that gullible to fall for her tricks? Be careful my fellow readers

Teng Fong”

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