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“We dialled a taxi and upon arrival of the taxi, taxi driver is unable to drive in as we were blocked by 2 considerate car (plate no. SKE4028M and SGZ8341. We walked towards SKE4028M as to see if there is anyone inside but no one is inside the car.

After awhile the driver (purple shirt man) walked towards us and shouted at us and acting hooligan, ‘Why are you looking at my car?’

Once he saw us he was so angry.

We explained the situation that our taxi was unable to move in due to his car blocking the path at the no parking area.

To our shock, the driver of the car SKE4028M shouted at us and our taxi driver that he is not in wrong and challenged us to the court?”

The man even said that we have no money to buy car so we have no rights to talk to him.

He even threatened us that he will hunt us down should we take a video or photo of him. He said, ‘Better not let me know where you live.’

We felt so weird that a driver who is doing an illegal act and acting so gangster when he is in the wrong?

Our explanation was so simple: ‘appreciate that the car can move a bit so as the taxi driver’s car can move in and reverse’.

The taxi driver did not even horn at all, just speak so nicely to the driver yet he was shouted at. Taxi drivers arehuman too!”

If you are in the wrong, even if you don’t admit it, just be humble and move on.

Do help us to seek justice and warn other drivers. We are in Singapore, a country which has law and order.”

Taxi Driver
A.S.S. Contributor

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