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Looks like it’s an impossible task for Dr Chee Soon Juan to win BB. A 25% vote swing is too much to expect.

But nothing is impossible if only the residents of BB think it over carefully. This is in your hands.

This country needs an opposition member like CSJ desperately, more than any other time. There are so many national issues, so many questions with no answers, Mr Pillai can wait for the next GE to enter parliament. There are already 82 of them of and from the same mould. Would he make any difference if he is number 83? Have the 82 spoken for you or do they really care for you other than being your town councilors? Do they know how bad national issues (immigration, foreign workers, high cost of living etc) have hit you?

After the 2015 landslide victory, the government can push through any rules or laws without any problem. They still can, even if CSJ is MP BUT he will be there to question and to debate on how wise it will be. the PAP is still using the same old ‘fear’ factor and not having to account for any mistakes.

Mr Pillai if elected as MP will be bound by party rules, like the rest of them, on what to say and what’s not allowed to say. CSJ as MP will be different. He dares to ask, question, press for answers thus keeping the PAP ministers and MPs on their toes and will exert pressure for them to perform better for the benefit of the country. The world is fast changing and the worst has yet to come. But we are still using the same old system of governance as we have for the past 50 years and we are ill prepared for any coming economic collapse or disorder on a world scale. We need to have some major change of policies to steer this country, with a vision for the future. Someone has to kick start this.

Please think of the national and international issues affecting us instead of just at municipal or town council levels, Worst, being constantly reminded of the past (We still hear old folks talking about the CST or GCT incidents!) The past is dead and gone, let go of it! Let’s look forward to the present and the future. We can only start with CSJ in parliament. He deserves a seat in Parliament more than anyone from the PAP or the WP.

A.S.S. Contributor

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