Hey peeps, I need ur opinions on this issue. Any teachers can help? Thought of highlighting to MOE but was told they will revert back to school principal and it means no use.

How would you all feel if a teacher tore ur child book telling u that ur child writes nonsense on it? But from what you see, it is just some words that they are suppose to fill up the blanks in their work book. No matter what, a teacher is not allow to tear the book of any student!

Recently, a fren of mine is very upset and she change school for her kid as the poor girl is afraid to go to school (Riverside Primary School) and due to the constant scolding from the teacher, the parents decides to change school as the teacher is not helping in solvin the situation.

That poor girl is just a primary one student. Two months into the new term, adjusting everything that is new to her. Making new friends and knowing new teachers. The parents are both working and trust their care of their child to the school. Behaviour of the child change (from chirpy to quiet) everytime the parents ask how is school and how is the form teacher. She always evade the questions and sadly, they failed to pick up any signs of distress thinking it is normal for their girl to evade questions at times.

Then the parents saw the tored book which is alerted by the neighbour where the child goes after school and they went to school and ask the teacher (Mdm Yaty) to explain why she tore the book.

Her reply is simply,” she is writing nonsense on it. And I did this to other students too.” What are the words that you deem as nonsense? Not the correct answers to the textbook thats y u deem as nonsense and tore the book? Come on… give a better reason.

Not only this, she mentioned that the girl did not do homework at all which is not true. The homework is always done and place in the plastic folder to bring to school but teacher never collected it at all. The mum questioned before but the girl always say Dont know. Indeed, this part the parent has to.manage it but come again, as a teacher, if ur student fail to hand in homework, shouldn’t you check their bag or write in the handbook since u r concern about it. Bear in mind that your constant scolding towards the little girl has already caused her to fear you.

Tried speaking to the Vice Principal and the VP supported the teacher in her own way of educating students, scolding and tearing of books is common then. And to think that the teacher even mentioned that the girl is always restless in class and this is because she has a medical condition that causes fatigue easily. As the teacher in charge, she should knows about it as during the orientation, the parents wrote down the medical condition and even tell this teacher about this and what to expect of their child of she show signs of it. Do not keep saying the child is slow in learning as not all kids are the same. Especially with her medical condition.

But she claims she did not know about this and say no one informs her. This is totally ridiculous! Day one of school, this teacher had been informed of the medical condition.
The heart breaking part is when you have to answer the question from the child, “Mummy, am I stupid that is why the teacher hates me? Am I really slow? And that is why I have to change the school?”

What makes the child think that she is stupid and slow to cause all this? If no external factors had contributes to the thought of this. I am a mother of two. I will be very upset that my children have to go thru all this one day silently if nothing is pick up from my side if one is a quiet child.

This is worst than peers bully. This is an emotional abuse of a person from a higher authority whom you have to see everyday in school. This is a wrong way of teaching. Tearing book is a Big No No! This is humiliating to the child infront of the class. Who will condone this act?! Only Riverside Primary School!
Share around incase you have frens whose kids are in this school!

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