Dear Editor,

I would like to give my view as a Paya Lebar resident, on the transferal of Murali K. to Bt Batok and the remnants he will leave behind in Aljunied GRC as he embarks on his newfound fame as a probable MP-elect there.

This actually leaves me wondering as an Aljunied resident, our place in the hearts of the PAP? Are we merely pawns that the PAP transfers and then abandons when the going gets tough or when they are faced with severe lack of talents. We were sold the message that Murali K. and gang were best poised to serve our interests and I just do not believe that after what was unveiled yesterday. We have previously seen Ms Chan Hui Yuh giving up contesting in favor of Yeo Guat Kwang who has since abandoned us and placed her back again. Is this some kind of sick game that the government is embarking with Aljunied? Victor Lye who time and again claims to be fighting for the people of Aljunied should be questioning his leadership on such abrupt changes!

There is also absolutely no justification for Murali to be transferred there since the West is traditionally a daft stronghold for the PAP and the SDP stands no hell of a chance in winning there with DPM Tharman’s presence. Murali should explain himself clearly to all Aljunied residents, on why he decided to abandon us for greener pastures.

If the PAP claims the WP to be indecisive and ineffective, then they are no better with such moves like a jagger. And the motive for their MPSes in Aljunied should be reexamined since they do not have the mandate to represent us.

Michael Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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