Dear all,

I have been bullied verbally yesterday in the Hougang mall carpark. I found this suzuki sport parked so closed to my car that not possible for anyone to get in to the driver side. Then I also realised his car driver side is way too closed. First concern is how is he getting out the car because if he open the door, he will definitely hit or scratch my car.
So I went to mall front desk and ask them to page for the car owner. After 20 mins, car owner came down, I asked :” How do u possibly park the car like this?” Well, maybe I didn’t start the tune right, but can imagine me waiting anxiously at 4pm. I have to be home yet I am stuck here.

Then, his first sentence was: you page me down for this?” I was shocked and furious , how could one can be so unreasonable! Not apologetics, no sorry no nothing!
Then , he said I could just get in to the car from the passengers side. I said: pls get into your car as I want to see how you open the door and see if it will hit my car. He said: how I get in get out is non of your business. You not happy you could call the police.” Then he walked away!

I was there left with a car still stuck and 3 kids in the car! Security can’t do anything because was shocked by this man , well dressed, look well educated but words coming out from his mouth was unbelievable! I was never pushed so badly that I cried helplessly. An old man came claimed who know this man and called him “Sunny”. He asked him to move his car and then the ” Sunny ” tried to get in to his car but it took him 5 mins to do so because he can’t even get into his car!!!! Then, I left the carpark crying felt so helpless.

I am not here to ask for anyone support but just want this “Sunny” to learn to be a human . But all told me I have no case here because it’s just verbal argument. Well, really?… This is happening in Singapore and I can’t do anything ?

Mrs Ong

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