Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Since when are Singaporeans united? only PAP people united with own people nia. Look down on others that are not PAP supporters.

There is no civil war but definitely a social divide. Remember SG had become a DOG EAT DOG society. No need to care for other people since they won;t do the same too. especially the 70%.

I got friends who literally unfriend me on FB and broke all contact with me because i support opposition and they support PAP. Friends that i know for 10 over years…

And elsewhere is the same story. RC people look down on non-RC people in my neighborhood. Heard one RC auntie scold another auntie who did not vote for PAP and don’t allow her to seat at the stone chair in front of RC.

PAP people want to facilitate MP visiting, knock on my door like we kiam ah long siao, my mum go scold the auntie say why must knock our door so hard, she buay song scold back say we must be humble before PAP MP. Heng i at home, Only when i told her i going to show the MP, who is coming up the video of how she behave (Yes my house got CCTV) then she suddenly say sorry.. Knn.

Singaporeans unite? please lah, everyone is after their own interest nia. You still studying in sch and haven’t go out to see the real world? Step out into the REAL WORLD first before calling other’s acting like children kiddo…

A.S.S. Contributor

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